Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready for takeoff

Estradiol = 18
Progesterone = 0.7
HCG = 0
Lining = thin
Follicles = 0

Woohoo! Starting Delestrogen and Estrace today!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well today I had my baseline U/S and bloodwork. They could only get me in at 4pm today so my results wont be back until tomorrow morning. But once they're in, they will forward them on to Shady Grove. I do know that my lining is thin (yay) and the Lupron is working and has suppressed my ovaries. There were no follicles to be seen (yay). So now we wait for my estrogen and progesterone levels, and my blood pregnancy test which will be negative. Once the results are faxed to Shady Grove then my nurse will call and let me know that I can stop the Lupron and start the Del Estrogen. Yay for bigger needles!

I just cant believe that in a little over 3 weeks we'll be transferring again! Hopefully for the final time! I had a new radiologist do my U/S today so I got to tell our story all over again. Everyone I tell is so supportive and thinks its so neat what technology can achieve these days.

On a sad note, there was a notice on the desk when I signed in that my old doctor, Dr. Agee, had died recently. He retired at the end of last year, and apparently it was because he had a terminal illness and didn't tell anyone. He finally succumbed to it, whatever it was. He delivered Quinnie and it was a wonderful experience. Dr. Agee was my favorite doctor I've ever had. So sad. I cried on the way home today because I was remembering all the silliness and the jokes during Quinn's birth. I'm glad that some of my pictures from Quinn's birth have Dr. Agee in them. Such a nice old man.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lupron - day 2 (again)

I had my second dose of Lupron last night. I'm trying to decide if its affecting me the same way as last time or not. I had a headache yesterday, which I rarely get, and today I feel pretty blah and rundown. Last night when I was laying in bed my heart was racing (tachycardia) and it was hard to get to sleep. I will have to take a look at last cycle's Lupron entries on this blog to see what issues I had last time.

But all in all everything is going ok. I have bloodwork and an ultrasound on the 24th. I was able to schedule both at my doctor's office for the first time...usually I had to do the bloodwork there and then go somewhere else for the ultrasound, but this time I get to do both. The only bad part of that is that I could only get in at 4pm that day, so my bloodwork results wont be back until the next day. I will have the E2 (Estradiol), P4 (Progesterone), and Beta HCG (pregnancy test).

I'm so excited to get started again. I felt like a bum these last few weeks because I dont really have anything to talk about. I haven't gotten to talk with M&B much either. I've just been busy doing nothing...haha.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Meds are here!

Well my meds arrived today! I start the Lupron tomorrow. I am so excited to get started again!

Please be thinking of all of us during this next month of cycling. I pray that cycle #2 is the charm! M and I both have to endure a lot during this portion of the process (although she has it worse than I do with the egg retrieval!) but it will all be 100% worth it if one or both embies stick around.

So here we go again! Bring on the needles! :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy news

One of my online friends, Deana, is pregnant via surrogacy! Her surro Buffy has just been confirmed pregnant. Congrats Deana, Luke, & Buffy! :)

Now its my turn! hehe