Thursday, June 18, 2009


I just thought I'd give a quick update since it has been a long time!

I am doing wonderful. Just still trying to get rid of this weight! I'm definitely much stronger now, but the weight isnt really budging and its driving me crazy. Oh well. They say it takes 9 months to put on the weight and another 9 to lose it. We'll see! I lost ALL my baby weight within 2 months after having Quinn, but then again, that was only one baby and one baby's worth of extra hormones in my body. I think the pregnancy hormones are just now starting to leave my body. My chin acne is almost gone and my hair is falling out like crazy. Thats normal for me after having babies hair doesnt shed much at all while pregnant but once the hormones are out of my system, the hair starts coming out. I'm STILL waiting for my period to come, too. That makes me nervous because being pregnant right now, so soon after delivering twins, is a really scary thought. Not to mention we arent even thinking about having another child until after our 10th anniversary vacation next year. Then we'll think about it.

This fall Quinn will be attending preschool 3 days a week and Ian will be in Kindergarten. It will be weird having both boys in school! But at least I will have a few hours a week to myself. I will probably just use it to do my grocery shopping in peace! :)

The girls are doing great! Last I heard, Lyla was outweighing Presley by a full pound! I cant believe they are almost 3 months old already. I hope they start to sleep through the night soon so mom & dad can get some good sleep. Uninterrupted sleep makes ALL the difference!

Well I hope everyone is having a lovely spring/summer! We just got back from a vacation to Wisconsin Dells. We stayed at Great Wolf Lodge and spent 3 days in the waterpark. So fun! The boys are in swimming lessons this summer at the gym, so hopefully next time we go back to the Dells they can swim and not bobble around in lifejackets. ;)

I'm growing a garden again this year. I did more soil prep so hopefully I have better luck this year. I'm growing Roma tomatoes, Big Boy tomatoes, Cherry tomatoes, banana peppers, bell peppers, marconi peppers, poblano peppers, strawberries, and basil. If I grew onions I would have a salsa garden! lol

Hope everyone is doing well! This will be a great summer! :)