Thursday, July 23, 2009

Personal Journal

If anyone still visits here and would like to keep up with me on my personal journal, it can be found at



Brandi said...

I have so enjoyed reading your journal from start to finish. I am in the very begining stages of surrogacy. We just finished our consultation and everything looks good. I'm excited to begin!! It was awesome to see into the mind of someone who has done this. I hope mine goes as successful as yours. My blog is if you want to check out my journey. I would love to hear your thoughts and encouragement as I go along.

Janet said...

Jen, I found your blog through We are intended parents and are considering CSP. We currently live in California but will be moving to Florida early next year. Would you be open to answering a few questions? My email is Happy New Year to your family!

江仁趙雲虹昆 said...

用心經營blog,人氣百分百~^^ 加油