Monday, January 21, 2008

The consult is set!

Well I received a call from the clinic earlier today! I scheduled our consult for next week! It feels so good to be moving forward. I wish we could spend more time out there but I dont want the agency to think we're trying to take a vacation on M&B's dime or anything. I'll just be glad to get to see them again!

One of the girls in our surrogate group who is also using the same doctor had her consult last week. They will be looking at a late March/early April transfer. That seems like so far away! I hope we don't have to wait that long. I am assuming that means she will have to do a mock transfer first. So I will probably have to do the same. We'll lose a whole cycle for that, which stinks, but we all just want to do it right and have the highest possible chance for success the first time around when we do the actual transfer. Almost all of the ladies in our group have gotten pregnant on the first cycle. I have a super-sticky uterus so I am thinking we will have the same success. And I've heard that this doctor is very conservative with how many embies he will transfer. If one embie is a super high quality he will only transfer that one. If there are 2 of good quality he will transfer both, but rarely more than 2. Which is fine by me! More than 2 is a bit scary to think about! I would totally be up for 2 though. I bet it would be completely different from my two singleton pregnancies. I'm always up for an adventure!

I'm just so excited to even be doing this. I read an article about the agency that said 1000 or so women apply to be a surrogate each month but only about 7-10 are accepted. They were very careful in their screening process, as they want only the best for their clients. I'm so thankful to have been chosen, both by the agency and by M&B, to help create a family. In fact I will take even better care of myself while pregnant with their child than I did with my own. It's my responsibility to everyone involved. I think I may sign up for a prenatal yoga or pilates course, as long as I have everyone's blessing to do so.

I suppose my next update will come after the consult since I will have some kind of news to share. Next Friday will be here before I know it!

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