Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 days to go!

Thursday night we fly out! We'll land at Washington-Dulles around 8pm local time and then we'll go out to eat somewhere nice to celebrate. This whole thing feels like one big celebration to me to naturally we'll have to celebrate every milestone! Our consult is Friday morning at 8am. That was the only appointment available that day, unfortunately. But at least once its over we have most of the day to do whatever we want. Our flight home leaves around 5pm. Originally I thought we were going to meet up with M&B at the doctor's office and maybe spend some of the day with them, but this isn't really an exciting appointment so there was no reason for them to come. I would have loved to have seen them again, but they are busy people and I know we'll see them more in the future.

So I have been asking around on surrogacy message boards and within the Extensions group through the agency about what I should expect with this doctor and this clinic. I've been told that he will examine me, hopefully tell me that I am 'medically boring', talk to me about tests that will need to be run before the transfer, tell me that they really only want me to carry one baby, and have some blood drawn. Also I've been told that both myself and M&B will need to really stay on top of this clinic to get our transfer date and schedules set. That's somewhat disappointing. I thought I would be receiving this information at the consult. At some point they will do a HSG, where they will fill my uterus with saline and take an image of it to make sure everything looks good. I was also told that I will be required to do a mock cycle before we do an actual cycle. That's a bummer because that puts us a whole month behind. A whole month of giving myself injections without the payoff of a transfer at the end. =( At the end of the mock cycle they will do a uterine lining biopsy to make sure I am responding to the meds. Also, this clinic does all medications by injection. Some clinics offer estrogen patches and progesterone suppositories...but not this one! That's ok though. I've been educated on what size needle to use for drawing up the meds, and what size to use to inject. Also, what to do to minimize pain, bruising, and welts. Sounds like fun, huh? It's ok though. I'm a tough cookie and it will be so worth it.

I will be on CD6 when I have my consult. I wonder if they will let me start meds for the mock cycle right away? That way we wont lose as much time. I think I will check into that.

Well I will update again once I return. Hopefully it goes exactly as I expect...being declared 'medically boring'.

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