Friday, February 1, 2008

"Medically Boring"

I was given the 'all clear' by the doctor at Shady Grove. He did an exam and looked at my uterus and ovaries and they looked fine. My left ovary had tons of follicles on it already, even though today was CD6. He said if I were to have been an egg donor like I tried previously, I would have probably been hyperstimulated because I produce a lot on my own. So that was interesting.

We did a 'mock transfer' where he inserted a tiny rubber tube into my uterus, to simulate how the transfer will be. He put some saline in there so we could see it on the ultrasound machine. Everything looked good and he said I am a perfect candidate for surrogacy. Also, he said that even though I am small and slim (I've never ever been called slim so I seriously love this man) that if I were to end up carrying twins I would do just fine because I have a long torso and a wide pelvis. And then he said I was made to do this. =)

Next step, I get assigned a nurse who will be my one contact at the agency and then I go in for an HSG to check my fallopian tubes and uterus out in more detail. I will do this here in MN though.

Then on the cycle after that one, we will do a mock cycle to make sure my uterine lining responds to the meds. At the end of the mock cycle they will do a uterine lining biopsy (and send it off to Johns Hopkins!) to make sure my lining thickness lines up with how many CDs I am. If it does, we're good to go and the next cycle will be the real deal.

So it looks like it will be 3-4 months until transfer. I wish it wasn't going to be that long, but the HSG has to be done at a certain point in my cycle and its too late for the cycle I am in now. Then the mock cycle will take a month, and then we'll get to the real cycle.

We got home later than expected so I didn't get to call M&B tonight. I will call them tomorrow and tell them all about the consult. =)

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