Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Injection!

Well, I was supposed to start my injections last night, but I wasn't able to get in to my doctor's office until 3pm yesterday for my blood test so the results weren't in until today. I wasn't allowed to start injections until SG knew for sure that I was not pregnant. Well the results were negative (which I already knew) so I called SG to see if my doctor's office had faxed the results or not, but they hadn't yet. I told the nurse that they did tell me that it came back negative for sure, so I was able to start my injections tonight.

So I got out my supplies: 1 cotton ball, rubbing alcohol, a syringe, a needle, the Delestrogen, and my instructions. I put the needle onto the syringe, drew in some air, cleaned the top of the vial with alcohol, then inserted the needle into the vial of delestrogen. I injected the air into the bottle, then turned it upside down and drew the plunger out to suck in .20 ml of the medicine. Then I pulled the needle out of the vial, tapped it to make the air bubbles rise to the top, then gently pushed the plunger until a tiny drop of medicine appeared on the tip of the needle. Then I was ready to go. I cleaned the area on my backside with alcohol, then I inserted the needle. I didnt push it in far enough at first...I could see a lot of the needle still, so I started gently adding more pressure until the needle went all the way into the muscle. It wasn't so bad. I injected the medicine slowly, then pulled it out. A tiny drop of blood appeared but that was it. I cleaned it up, then I got really light headed. I had to sit down for a few minutes and when I felt better I came downstairs to tell Chris that I had done it, and was light headed again. He got me a bandaid and I sat for a while until I felt better. This was 3 hours ago, and so far I feel fine. My head feels a little funny, but I've been packing for our move this weekend and running all around.

Next time I will do what the instructions say and quickly insert the needle rather than the slow way I did it tonight. But now that I've done it once I'm a pro, right? ;) The injection site is sore but hopefully the soreness goes away quickly. I dont have to give myself another injection until Sunday. I will do this injection every 3 days until March 10th, which is when I go in for my ultrasound. If my lining is an 8 or higher, I am good to go and I stop the medicine. If its less than 8, I have to get that horrid biopsy done. So I am hoping and praying that I've got at least an 8 by March 10th.

So that was my very first injection experience. It wasn't too bad, and I didn't even need to sit there and gain the courage to do it. I just did it. And then it was over. :)

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