Friday, February 15, 2008

No news

I wish I had a big, interesting, fabulous update but I don't. Yet. :)

I talked to a nurse at the clinic on Monday and she said she was going to get my meds sent out to me for my mock cycle and to call her once they arrive. Well they haven't arrived yet and I don't even know when to expect it. I've been reading up on self-administered injections though, in the meantime. It seems pretty straight forward. Plus I received some good information from the clinic in my initial informational packet. So I'll be good to go once everything gets here and day 2 of my next cycle comes around. I am currently on day 19 and ovulated yesterday right on schedule. I've been tracking my cycle to make sure there is NO WAY any accidents can happen, regardless of the form of contraception used. This may be too much info for some, but the whole week surrounding my ovulation is a 'no fly zone' for Chris. I'm not taking any chances. And once we're cycling, we'll have to abstain until pregnancy is confirmed. But I've got no problem with that and definitely understand the precaution. Ok enough of that. :)

Once I have any kind of interesting news I will update.

EDIT: How funny...I got a phonecall from the place who disperses the injection kits. They will be mailing my meds to me on Monday and I should have them on Tuesday!

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