Monday, February 25, 2008

Any day now

Tomorrow is CD31 and my cycles are always 31 or 32 days long. So any day now I will start a new cycle and then start my meds! I am nervous and excited! I will have to go in on CD2 to get a blood test so I hope that doesnt end up on Saturday or Sunday. I dont know what I'd do then...go to the hospital for the blood test? Yikes I need to call Shady Grove and find out. I think Chris is going to give me my injections...hopefully he wont enjoy it too much!

It's feeling SO real now. Months ago this was all just a distant dream. I'm going to help create a FAMILY! I have felt a calling all my life to help people...and this, to me, is the most important, wonderful thing I can do to help someone else. I love technology! To even have surrogacy as an option is just amazing. Years and years ago they never could have imagined something like this. And I get to live it. I just feel so blessed to have been chosen by all involved.

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