Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here's the plan!

I spoke with my nurse at Shady Grove and there have been a couple changes to the protocol recently. I will go in tomorrow to my doctor and have a quantitative beta HCG test done, which will check for any amount of pregnancy hormone in my system. Then I start my Estrogen injections tomorrow night and I will do this every third night. On March 10th I will go in for an ultrasound to check my uterine lining and if it's responding the way it should, I do NOT have to have a uterine lining biopsy. If it looks fine, I will stop all injections and take a medication called Provera to bring on my period. When that happens, I will start the birth control pills to get synced up with M's cycle. Now if my lining isn't responding properly I will need to have the lining biopsy done.

I have no idea what our tentative transfer date will be. Hopefully they will tell me and M once we determine how the mock is going. :)

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