Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Meds are here!

My meds have arrived! I received one pack of Progesterone in Oil with 18mm and 22mm gauged needles, 2 packs of Estradiol with 22mm gauged needles, 2 packs of birth control pills, and one hazardous waste container for my used needles. Now it is definitely starting to feel real! I got a little packet from the clinic that tells me when to go see my doctor and when to take each injection, and what to do on day 24 (the uterine lining biopsy). I am going to call the nurse tomorrow and let her give me the rundown so I know for sure what to do and when to do it. I just want to make sure I do it all correctly.

Let me tell you...those 18mm needles are scary! Those are for drawing up the PIO since it's thick. The Progesterone is in Sesame Oil. Interesting! So I will draw it up with the 18mm and then switch needles to the 22mm. The 22s dont look too intimidating. Once I start the injections I will post pictures so everyone can see the difference. There's a piece of paper in the packet with the PIO supplies that give tips on how to give a good injection. It starts off "numb the area with ice for 10 minutes" I doubt its that bad. But if it is, I'm sure the ice will numb it right up and I wont feel a thing.

So now I wait until CD2. I should start on 2/28 so CD2 would be 2/29. I'm so excited! The agency called me yesterday to ask what my timeline was and I told her about the mock starting 2/29 or 3/1. She then said "Ok so it looks like you'll have an April transfer then." It's so cool to have a timeline. So if we transfer mid-April and it works the first time, M&B will be having a Christmas to New Years baby! I got pregnant with my first son in the last week of March and he was due December 15th. So it would be the best Christmas present ever. :)

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