Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Uh oh...Side Effects

Well, tonight was injection #3 and I've been feeling some side effects. First of all, my moods are all over the map. I've been feeling pretty sad and just in an overall funk for a few days. This could be a combination of the estrogen and the chaos in my life right now with the new house. Our painter is almost done so once he's out of here I think I might feel a little more normal. It's so weird having someone else in your house all day long for several days. Granted, he was our pastor for a while, but its still weird to not feel like you can be yourself comfortably in your own home. Once he's done we can get more things put away and organized.

Also, the estrogen is making me hungry ALL the time. I have been desperately trying to eat healthy things whenever the hunger pang hits, but I dont always make the best decision. I think I've gained some weight and that freaks me out and makes me sad. I know I'll gain weight while pregnant but I was hoping to bypass any cycling gains. I feel so big and bloated...just very unattractive. I hope these feelings go away soon. I have a girls night out with my best friends on Friday night...I know they will make me feel better! I've talked to other surros who said the estrogen made them eat as if they were pregnant. So at least I know its not in my head! :)

Next injection is on Sataurday night, which means I have to take a dose with me to Chicago. I hope I can get it on the plane with no problem. Chris is taking Nicki and I to the airport, and then her husband will pick us up Sunday morning and bring me home. She lives about 4 minutes away from our new house. We're practically neighbors! I hope she gets matched with a wonderful couple soon. She had a thyroid issue pop up at the meeting between her and her potential IPs, and she had a preterm delivery once so they will only let her transfer 1 embryo at a time. So those IPs decided to move on and choose another surrogate. I hope she gets matched with another couple soon...she's a really great gal.

I will update more after the Chicago meeting. I just cant wait to see everyone again and meet the new ladies. It will be a mini vacation for me. I feel like I never get a break here at home so I am really excited about my 24 hours of no arguments, spills, diapers, and laundry. :)

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