Monday, March 10, 2008

Chicago and Appointments

Well the group meeting on Saturday was fantastic! I actually got to know people this time instead of hiding behind Chris. Since he wasn't there I was kind of forced out of my comfort zone. Several of us met up in the hotel lobby before the meeting and went to lunch at Bennigan's. That was lots of fun. The meeting went great. We got to hear 2 birth stories and then hear where everyone else was at in the surrogacy journey. There's one surro whose British IM spent a month living with her and her family during the egg retrieval/transfer process. They got really close and now the surros kids consider the IM as part of their family. The surro has an induction planned for April 4th and they are all super excited. There was another IM story that wasn't so great but we dont want to talk about that. LOL! But it was so good to see my counselors again.

So today I had my appointments. My first one was at 9am for bloodwork. My results were back today as well. My E2 (estrogen) level was 216 and my P4 (progesterone) level was 0.8. The nurse at the clinic said those were good and normal. My lining ultrasound wasn't as good. W were hoping for an 8 or better but my lining was between 5 and 6. I think it has something to do with the fact that I had to start on CD3 instead of CD2 as well as the fact that my cycles are 31 days, not the usual 28. So I think I am probably just fine and they had me do this a bit early.

I will have to have the lining biopsy now. =( I start my PIO shots tomorrow night. Those are nightly injections. Then on March 20th I will have my biopsy. Now this was the original plan all was only a couple weeks ago when they changed protocol to only require the biopsy if the lining wasn't lined up perfectly in the beginning. So that will be a fun time I'm sure. Hopefully they give me a good pain pill for that!

I'm pretty bummed about that but I know everything will be fine.

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