Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another update

Well I spoke with Jan (my nurse at Shady Grove) and she said the doctor wants me to have a lining thickness of at least 8 before I start my Progesterone injections. So she called me in a prescription for Estrace, which is an estrogen suppository. I need to do this 2 times a day, along with my Delestrogen injection every 3 nights. I go back in for another lining ultrasound on Monday the 17th. I'm sure I will have at least an 8 by then! As long as it is, I will start my nightly PIO shots and then have my lining biopsy on the 20th.

I got to talk to M on the phone today. We're both so anxious to get our timeline so we know what to do and when...and when the fun stuff starts! We're both kind of in the dark right now...its such a waiting game...but we're both very excited too!

Now, off to the pharmacy to get my goodies!

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Loree said...

Hey there. Nope, haven't cheated yet! I promised DH. I'm hanging in there. I've had some bad cramping the last few nights, but that can go either way!