Monday, March 17, 2008

We've got an 8!

My recheck this morning went well. I've got a lining thickness of 8 so we're ready to move forward. I have to have my biopsy next Wednesday the 26th instead of this Thursday. There has to be a certain amount of time between the lining check and the biopsy, so this week would be too soon.

I continue the Estrace and Delestrogen and I add in the PIO injections starting tonight. Chris joked that I need a calendar to keep up with it all. I actually think that's a great idea!

I'm watching a show on Discovery Health right now about a woman who carried twins for her sister. It's a good show. They could have explained in more detail about the medical aspect of it and what leads up to the pregnancy, but their main focus is the pregnancy and delivery. But thats good too because that's the fun part!

I will update again soon. I'll let you all know if the Progesterone shots are as bad as everyone says they are. ;)

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