Friday, January 16, 2009

25 weeks!

It's time for my weekly update!

Everything is still going smoothly. I had a couple of weeks where I felt great, but now I'm sore again. It seems to be lightening up again though. I guess it's just one of those things that I'll have to get used to. It feels like as the girls get bigger they are putting more pressure on my pelvis, which takes my pelvis a week or two to get used to. No biggie...I suppose it could always be worse! :)

Here's the 25 week development update:
  • The structures of the spine begin to form -- joints, ligaments and rings. These will protect the all important spinal cord which serves as the information transmitter for your child's body.
  • Blood vessels of the lungs develop.
  • Baby's nostrils begin to open. There is a study out of Belfast that suggests babies at this stage have the capability of scent preferences!
  • The nerves around the mouth and lip area are showing more sensitivity now. When baby is rooting for food later on, these will be valuable!
  • Her swallowing reflexes are developing.
  • Dexterity is improving. Your baby can make a fist and would clasp objects placed in palm.
  • Your child has now obtained an approximate length of 13.6 inches (34.6cm) and weighs 1.46 pound (660gm).

Another site I read for updates says babies at this stage are 2 pounds already. So I'm sure the girls are somewhere between the two.

I dont know if anyone noticed, but I added more Important Dates to my blog, over on the right side. I start the 3rd trimester on February 6th! That's not very far away! We're just sailing through this thing! It has been wonderful! :)

Now here are my new belly pics. I'm posting one with my shirt covering my belly, my bare belly, and then a front shot of my bare belly. I think the frontal shots are awkward looking, but I figure I could post one here and there.


Intending To Be Parents said...

You're looking great! Sorry to hear about the soreness though of course :(
Loving the important dates list, I had been thinking of adding something similar to my blog because there are a lot of dates coming up to keep track of that people might like to know about! I think the list is a great way to do it!

SaRah MaRie said...

Girl, its official! You popped! =)

Anonymous said...

You look excellent!! I'm so glad things are going so well for you. Hope the soreness goes away or gets better soon :)