Monday, April 13, 2009

Goodbye little girls

Well Lyla was discharged on Wednesday and Presley was discharged yesterday, on Easter. M&B brought them over last night for a couple hours to visit and say goodbye. They are headed home today. After 5 weeks of being away from home I can only imagine how good it will feel for M&B to get back to their own house and for life to get back to normal. Well, their "new" normal, that is!

I got to hold both girls for a while and then I fed Presley her bottle while Chris fed Lyla. It was so nice to get to snuggle them for a bit! Even Quinn got to hold a baby and he was so excited!

I held it together until I hugged M&B goodbye...that's when I started to get all teary-eyed. Once they got in their car I started crying. This was the first time I had cried since the end of Feb when I was in the hospital for a couple days by myself. So it was time for a good cry. It's going to be strange to not have all of them around. I cant just go visit them whenever I want to. And its not just the babies I will miss. I will definitely miss M&B as well. Next time I see them all in person, those girls are going to be toddling around all over the place!! We'll go visit them next year...maybe for their birthday or during the summer. Until then I'll be happy to see pictures and get updates.

Well, goodbye little girls. Fill your Mom & Dad's lives with unimagineable joy. Go easy on them and keep up the good feedings and the good sleeping! It was truly an honor to carry you for 8.5 months and to bring you into the world nice and healthy. You dont even know yet how lucky you are to have 2 wonderful and caring parents like M&B. They have planned for you, waited for you, and have loved you before you ever even existed. You can never have too much love in your lives, so also know that you have people in Minnesota who love you as well.


Intending To Be Parents said...

What cuties :) And great pic of you 3!
I'm sure M&B are happy to get back to their home and familiar surroundings, but I'm also sure they will be missing you too! They are so lucky to know you! What you have just done is absolutely incredible.
That will be awesome when you visit and see them and I hope they send you lots and lots of photos and videos in the meantime!
I hope you are doing good and that your recovery is going well!

Anonymous said...

Love that picture! I'm so jealous that you got to feed one of the girls though. :) Good job with those girls!!!

Claire said...

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The Hui-Wee Family! said...

Congrat and best wishes!

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