Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big big update!

I've had this news for several days now but have been busy and wasn't able to update yet. Well, we have our dates now!! My endometrial biopsy came back perfect so we're ready to rock n roll.

April 21st - start Lupron
April 23rd - stop birth control pills
April 27th - probably start period
April 28th - baseline ultrasound and bloodwork - start Delestrogen injections tonight
May 7th - followup ultrasound and bloodwork
May 15th - 19th - TRANSFER! (date depends on how M's stim cycle is going)

I am so excited to have a date for our goal! That means at the next Midwest surrogate support group meeting (June 7th, here in Minneapolis) I will hopefully get to announce a pregnancy!

I have also come up with a great way to tell M that I'm pregnant. But she'll have to wait until that day comes. ;)

My new big bundle of meds will be here tomorrow. It will include prenatal vitamins, too. It's just so exciting and it feels SO real now. I mean, it did before (especially when I was sticking needles into my rear) but now we're so close to transfer and its just awesome!!


Loree said...

that's great news! feels good to have a schedule, huh?

it's so sweet that you have a special way to tell M.

good luck to you!

Kymberli said...

I transfer the week after you do! Hopefully we'll be preggo together! :)