Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick update

I went over to my Inlaws' house and saw that I had received an envelope from Shady Grove. It was my official calendar. It was pretty cool and had M's calendar on the left and mine on the right. It was neat to see it side by side. I also called Shady Grove and changed my address with them to reflect my new address so that everything will come here from now on. That way I wont have to wait until each week when we go over to Chris' parents house.

I start my Lupron on Monday. Chris and I are going out for a nice dinner tonight and I will enjoy my last glass of wine for 9+ months!!!

I will call on Monday to get our plane tickets lined up through Uniglobe. Our dates arent etched in stone yet, but I was told that its better to go ahead and get the tickets now, then call to have the dates changed if need be, rather than wait and get last minute tickets which may cost more. Makes sense to me!

Well, time to start the weekend. I hope we get to do lots of fun stuff. :)

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Kymberli said...

I also start Lupron on Monday! Very exciting to get started!

Enjoy yor weekend!