Monday, April 28, 2008

Tickets are booked!

Well I booked our tickets today. All we need now is a hotel room and a rental car and we're good to go!

I had my appointments this morning; my ultrasound and bloodwork. The ultrasound tech said my lining was a 2 (which is good since my cycle just started) and there are just a few small follicles on my ovaries (which is good because we dont WANT follicles on my ovaries!). My bloodwork didnt come back today like it was supposed to because my doctor's office didn't see the 'STAT' on the order form, so they didnt rush the results. They were testing my E2 (Estradiol), P4 (Progesterone), and of course a pregnancy test. There's no possible way I could be pregnant so I'm not worried about that, and I'm sure my other levels are right where they need to be. Since the results werent back today, I couldnt start my Delestrogen injections tonight. I will do one last night of Lupron, though. My nurse at Shady Grove said a one day delay wont hurt anything. I finished up my Doxycycline (antibiotics) yesterday, so my morning regimine is back down to a prenatal vitamin and a baby aspirin. The prenatals are coated in vanilla, but if I burp later in the day I taste them and they're awful. I may have to go back to eating 2 Flintstones chewable vitamins when I'm pregnant, like I did with my own kids. I cant stand vitamin after-taste.

The closer we get to transfer, the more nervous and excited I get! And I'm only nervous because I want everything to go as perfect as possible. It may be naivete' on my part, but I feel that if I keep thinking positively that it will all go as planned and that my body wont let us all down. It will work, it will stick, and it will be wonderful!!

As of now we're still aiming for May 17th or 19th. That's less than 3 weeks away! In less than 3 weeks our families will officially start this amazing 40 week journey together!! It's going to be wonderful!

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Loree said...

I can't wait to keep track of this journey through your blog! It's going to work and it's so great that you are doing this!!