Sunday, February 1, 2009

Go Steelers!

Well today is Superbowl Sunday and people have asked me who I'm rooting for. Of course I want the Steelers to win. I've got two little Pittsburgh babies in my belly!

Also, I agree that my belly looks smaller in my recent picture compared to the one before it. It's a combination of my posture, the lighting, and my clothing I think...because I've still got a big old belly! The girls will be growing a whole INCH this week alone, so I'm thinking my next picture or two will show some major growth. :)

Happy Sunday everyone!


Hugs And Kisses said...

GO STEELERS *lol* We dressed Aleksey up in his Steelers outfit and our trip took twice as long from everyone stopping us to see the cute baby ready for the Superbowl! Maybe the girls can join our "kid-friendly Superbowl" party next year when the Steelers go to the next Superbowl! :D

Loree said...

looking forward to hearing about tomorrows visit and how big those lil' girls are. you're doing great!