Friday, September 12, 2008

7 weeks pregnant!

Sorry for the lack of updates...I have been absolutely exhausted. I nap while Quinn is napping during the day and I go to bed fairly early but I just never feel like I've gotten enough sleep. I cant wait for the energy boost that the 2nd trimester provides!

Here is a baby update:

  • Elbows form - Again, taking a peek inside you could see your baby's fascination with bending and flexing. Later you will swear you can enlist your child as the star of the next "Karate Kid" movie!
  • Fingers start to develop - These digits often become your baby's first toy!
  • Feet start to appear with tiny notches for the toes - It is fascinating that at less than a half inch, your little guy (or gal) already is leaving "footprints" on your heart!
  • Ears eyes and nose start to appear - Although they may resemble an alien life form, these all "shift" soon enough into a more normal appearance.
  • Intestines start to form in the umbilical cord - Did you know that initially the intestines are not formed inside your baby's body?
  • Teeth begin to develop under the gums - Thankfully, right now you won't be dealing with teething pain!

The ultrasound is Monday! We are looking forward to seeing M&B even though they wont be here very long. Please be thinking about us on Monday morning...we're hoping for a nice strong heartbeat!

I hate to cut it short but its Quinn's naptime and I am looking forward to my nap as well. :)


Intending To Be Parents said...

Thank you for having this blog (and for being a GC) :) I am following along! Our wonderful GC is 5w6d today so we are about a week behind! Her 12dp5dt beta was 948 and 14dp5dt was 2,370 so we are also wondering about 1 or 2. First u/s was supposed to be today but hurricane is interfering with that so Monday it will be instead (if everything is cleaned up from the storm). I love the great info and pics you post in your blog! I am hoping you've got a super strong heartbeat on Monday!

Lynlee said...

Good luck at your u/s today! I can't wait to see what you're having!