Friday, September 19, 2008

Answer for Janice

I will answer your question in a blog entry because I dont know how to contact you otherwise!

We used one of the MD locations of Shady Grove. Our transfer was in Rockville. We transferred 2 5-day embies on 6/18. So you wanna know how I made it through the 2ww? Well the first week I tried to keep my mind off of it. I went about my life like normal and didn't allow myself to sit there and overanalyze every little twinge or emotion. I took a HPT on 5dp5dt and it was negative, which really put me in a bad mood. The next night I took another one and it was positive. Getting the positive test was what helped me make it through to the beta. I took another (digital) test on 10dp5dt and it came up positive immediately, so thats when I really believed that I was good and pregnant.

You didnt mention in your comment if you have cheated and tested yet, so I am assuming you are just holding out for the beta. The 22nd isnt too far away now! Good luck and I hope your FET was successful! Please update me! :)

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