Friday, September 19, 2008

8 weeks pregnant!

8 weeks 8 weeks 8 weeks! I'm 2/3 of the way through the first trimester! haha

Well I have actually been feeling better the last few days. I still have some nausea, but I have a little more energy and I've been able to eat a bit better too. It really helps that Chris has been absolutely wonderful and has been helping me out some. He has made dinner a few times, he has let me sleep in more in the last few weeks then he has in the last few years...LOL...and he isnt nagging me about the house being a disaster. I do need to finally do some laundry today before Chris runs out of clothes to wear to work!

Here is what's going on in my belly this week: (but x's 2!)

  • Cartilage and bones begin to form - At the end of this week baby will have already completed 1/5th of the journey 'til his birthday!
  • The basic structure of the eye is well underway - The position is more "newborn" like already!
  • The tongue begins to develop
  • Intestines move out of the umbilical cord into the abdomen.
  • Body grows and makes room - Two months along and this little one is growing inside and out by leaps and bounds!
  • The fingers and toes have appeared but are webbed and short
  • Baby's length (crown to rump) is 0.61 inch (1.6cm) and weight is 0.04 ounce (1gm)

I have finally put on a couple pounds now that I am able to eat better. I am definitely bigger than I was in my 6 week belly picture! Here's my new belly pic:

Its time to start buying bigger clothes. I'm able to mostly live in my jammies right now since I dont really go anywhere, but soon I will need something for going to church, grocery shopping, dr appointments, etc. I think the people at the gym are probably thinking "Wow, even though she exercises 3 times a week she's getting bigger!" HAHA if they only knew! At some point I may have to stop exercising. I dont do anything high intensity...just some walking on the treadmill and some elliptical machine. But carrying twins is a totally different ballgame from carrying one baby, so I know I will have to make some lifestyle modifications. Which is perfectly fine. Anything I can do to keep the babies healthy and strong, I will do it!

I am excited for my next ultrasound on the 26th. Any opportunity to check on the babies and make sure everything is ok is fine by me! Plus I will get some more pictures to send to M&B. I bet they've been showing their pictures to everyone ever since they got back home!

I will be putting up a gender poll once I reach the second trimester. I know M&B are curious to see what you all think we've got in there. Since 80% of you were correct about me carrying twins, I cant wait to see what the majority votes for with the genders! October 18th is the day I will set up that poll. So watch for it! :)


Intending To Be Parents said...

I love getting a look ahead at what will be going on next week :) Hope your next ultrasound gets here quick - such a relief I'm sure to get to check on things once in a while! It was a tremendous relief for us to see that there was a heartbeat yesterday - and then there were 2 of them which was a "wow" moment indeed!! I'm definitely reading along closely :) And I put a link to your blog on my blog which I hope is okay (just let me know if it's not) Thanks for posting!

jLo said...

I saw in your journal that you mentioned SHady Grove. Is it the one in MD, DC, VA I just did a fet on 9/9 there and am very nervous and anxious. My beta is 9/22 and we transfered on 5 day. Would love to hear more about how you made it through tww. thanks

Deana said...

You should put up your poll on Oct 17, that is our BIG u/s!!!!!!!!! Congrats on being 8 weeks. It's going to fly by.

Jamie Koluch said...

I think it's going to be a boy and a girl. :DI love the little digital womb on the sidebar. so cute!

8 weeks pregnant said...

Looks like this is a little late, but congrats. The eighth week is really one of the important and eventful weeks. Not that all of the weeks aren't. :)

Jane Aleski said...

I thought you might want to know someone stole your belly pic and is using it on Facebook to pretend like they are pregnant.

Here is where they uploaded it so you can report if it you like.

Here is their profile.