Friday, September 26, 2008

9 weeks pregnant!

No belly picture today. I am going to wait until next week. I think we'll see more change every 2 weeks or so. :)

Here is the 9 week update: Baby is officially a fetus and no longer an embryo!

  • Baby has begun movement - While still too small for you to feel, your little one is wriggling, shifting, and dancing already! Makes you almost wish for a window to peek in whenever you want!
  • Most joints are formed now - and trust that your little one is practicing bending and flexing.
  • Fetus will curve its fingers around an object placed in the palm of its hand - This is amazing to see! At only nine weeks, if you happen to have an ultrasound, you may observe your infant fascinated by everything he or she can lay their fingers on (mainly other fingers, toes, ears and nose!
  • Fingerprints are already evident in the skin
  • Average size this week -- length 0.9 inch (2.3cm), weight 0.07 ounce (2gm)

I'm doing ok...dont want to bore you with any complaining so I will just say I am still having difficulties eating. I almost asked for an anti-nausea medication at the doctor's office today, but I would rather wait it out and see if it passes soon rather than have to take a medication. It's perfectly safe for pregnancy, and MANY girls I know have to take it, but they are also actually vomiting and I am not. So I will hold out and see if it gets better. Ginger Ale helps sometimes...other times the carbonation makes it worse. I'll live. ;)

Now here's the best part of this post: ULTRASOUND PHOTOS! :)

Baby A's body and Baby B's head:

Baby A (the little circle in with the baby is his/her yolk sac) and Baby B. If you look really hard you can see little arms on Baby B.

Here is a 3D photo of the babies. She isnt sure which is which since she had to rotate the screen so much to get a good shot of both of the babies. The baby in the front looks bigger just because its closer to the ultrasound wand. You can see the umbilical cord connecting with the yolk sac with the baby in the back.

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Intending To Be Parents said...

Oh wow! Those are some good looking ultrasound pics! Looks like things are going really great in there! I'm so sorry to hear about your nausea though :( I think that because of what you are doing for someone else you should be excused of all discomfort - at least I wish it worked that way! I hope the nausea goes away really really soon!