Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time to prepare

Well I went to the library this morning and checked out a couple books about being pregnant with multiples. One is called "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads" by Dr. Barbara Luke and the other is called "Expecting Twins, Triplets, and More" by Dr. Rachel Franklin.

I want to know the best way to keep myself and the babies healthy. The first book has a nutritional guideline in it that is purely for making sure the babies have high, healthy birthweights. So I have lots of reading to do!

Speaking of eating...I am really having a hard time with my eating. Thinking about food makes me feel more nauseous. Thinking about cooking anything makes me feel yuck. Nothing sounds good, nothing tastes particularly good, but when I do eat something my stomach feels a bit better. I can eat things that are made for me or given to me. I know that sounds weird...but preparing it myself really makes me sick. If Chris makes me something to eat, I can eat it just fine. If we go out to eat, no problem. Its making it very difficult for me to eat well. I need some kind of prepackaged meals that are healthy but not 'diet food' since I am obviously not looking to lose weight!!! I dont know if that even exists. I hope this feeling goes away soon so I can eat normally again. I love to eat and I cant wait for my body to love to eat too! haha

Other than that I am good...still exhausted...still have to take a nap everyday. But the nap never feels like enough!

I try not to complain because no matter how awful I feel it is totally worth it. But I know M&B appreciate the honesty so I will continue to tell you all how I really feel. I know it will get better eventually...and honestly it could be SO much worse. I'm just thankful to have these two little twinkies growing strong in my belly no matter how yuck I may feel at times. :)

Can you believe it!? TWINS! I'm still just amazed and soooo stinking happy for M&B. It's so amazing. Absolutely amazing.

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