Friday, October 3, 2008

10 weeks!

Well I am now into the double digits! 10 weeks pregnant today! Here's what's going on with the babies at 10 weeks:
  • Baby is now called a fetus in "medical terms".
  • The most critical part of your infant's development is complete. Now you are headed into a period of rapid growth.
  • While a bit strange to envision, baby's head is now about half its length - Soon the rest of the body's growth will catch up but this area is prepared to keep up with the rapid brain development!
  • Eyelids fuse shut and irises begin to develop - Eye color is also determined by this point.
  • Placenta begins to function this week or next - The placenta is the organ responsible for both the provision of nutrients along with the removal of waste to keep baby growing strong!
  • Baby will be about 1.22 inch long (3.1cm) and weigh 0.14 ounce (4gm) at the end of this week

And here is my belly pic for 10 weeks. I'm rapidly outgrowing my clothes! My uterus is roughly the size of a 16 week singleton pregnancy.

And the babies are about the size of prunes (1.2 in long)

Tomorrow is our quarterly surrogate support meeting here in Minneapolis. I cant wait to see everyone again and meet the new girls. I will also get to officially announce my twin pregnancy. Some of the girls already know but it will still be exciting to announce it. I will also get to see my counselors again and I just love them. Ooh...and we get free dinner! :)

I'm doing well. Same old, same old! I need to go grocery shopping right now, but having to think of meals to make and write out a list is making me feel... 'ugh'. I have a love/hate relationship with food still. Come on second trimester! :)

OH - and I stop progesterone this week, thanks to the placentas kicking in and providing all the progesterone these babies need! No more nightly shots!

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