Thursday, October 9, 2008

Weighty Issues

Never in my life have I had trouble GAINING weight. I really dont get it! I eat as much as I possibly can. I've even taken the advice of my book about carrying multiples and having full fat, premium ice cream every night before bed. I eat more junk than I ever have in the last couple of years...but my metabolism has shot through the roof! I wish it would give me energy too, but I guess I cant be that lucky. I can eat a big meal and then an hour or so later I get those really strong stomach growls and that feeling that you're starving and your stomach is going to start dissolving itself.

So here's where I stand with my weight = 0 lbs gained.

I thought I had gained a couple pounds, but next time I weighed myself I was back to my normal weight. When I started injections in March (for the mock cycle) I weighed 140. That's the smallest I've ever been. By the end of the mock cycle I was at 155 and I have hovered there ever since. 155.4 to be exact. I would really love to have this metabolism once the babies are born...thats the truth! Especially because I will be hitting the gym HARD once the doctor clears me in the spring. But good golly...this is NOT the time to not be gaining weight! Everyone tells me that eventually the weight will pile on and that the babies are getting plenty of nourishment. So I'm sure in the future I will be posting 'OMG I gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks!' or something similar. ;)

Now, where's that Halloween candy I bought today...

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