Tuesday, November 25, 2008

17 weeks!

Here we are at 17 weeks! Well I am technically closer to 18 weeks now since I didn't get to update on Friday. But thats ok. :)

We visited some relatives that we haven't seen in years and that was very nice. I got to tell everyone about the surrogacy and they were all very very supportive and asked lots of questions. I am so lucky that nobody has said anything negative to me about being a surrogate.

I'm feeling good these days besides the back pain I've mentioned previously. It only bothers me when I've been on my feet for any extended amount of time though. Other than that, I feel wonderful!

Here's what's going on with the twinkies at 17 weeks:

  • By week 17, baby weighs about 4.97 ounces (140gm) and is 5.12 inches (13cm) long.
  • He or she has a much more normal "human" appearance now.
  • She holds her head more erect and her body and limbs are longer in proportion to her head.
  • Pads are forming on his tiny fingertips and toes. Soon those individual swirls and whorls will be apparent.
  • Her eyes are looking forward now, but they are still firmly closed.
  • Meconium (composed of products of cell loss, digestive secretion and swallowed amniotic fluid), is accumulating in the bowel. This black gooey substance will become baby's first poop!
  • The umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger and continues to rush blood and nutrients to your growing baby.
  • If your child is male the prostate begins to develop.
  • Her skeleton is transforming from cartilage to bone. The bones remain flexible to make the journey through the birth canal easier.

So I am just about halfway through now, considering most twins are born around 36 weeks. It seems like it has gone by pretty quickly so far, but I know it will be crawling by towards the end. I bet it feels like an eternity for M&B already! At least the second half will be full of shopping and preparing, for them though.

Well, I will update again on Friday. It's only a few days away, and then I'll be 18 weeks!!

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Intending To Be Parents said...

Happy 17 weeks! If M&B are anything like us time is both moving slowly and incredibly fast at the same time - seems like it's creeping along when I think about the time we have left before holding them in our arms and having them here with us - and then incredibly fast when I think of everything we need to get done between now and when they get here!
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!