Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I had a doctor's appointment today and everything is great! I have gained a total of 10 pounds (2 pounds in the first trimester, and the other 8 in the past 4 weeks!). I think I'd be panicking if I were only carrying one baby, but since I'm carrying twins I'm doing just fine.

The babies are both doing great. They gave me an ultrasound, but it was on one of those really old ancient machines that aren't good quality for actually seeing anything. But the doctor just wanted to check and make sure both babies had good heartbeats, and they did. My cervix is still firm and closed, and all the other things its supposed to be.

We ended up having an issue with the scheduling of the Level 2 ultrasound though. When I made the appointment for Dec 8th, nobody told me that I had to go across the street to the hospital and have it done there, by a Perinatologist, since I'm carrying twins. So I found out today that I cant have my Level 2 at my doctor's office like we planned. So I called to set up my appointment with the Perinatologist, and they are booked solid on December 8th. They didnt have any Mondays or Fridays available, and I started to panic. M&B already have their air tickets booked and they have projects and things at work that we have to schedule around. So after a little bit of back and forth with M, we managed to find a date that works for her & B, as well as the Peri's office. So we are now scheduled for December 11th at 9:30am...which just happens to be Ian's 5th birthday. :) I'm glad we were able to get a date agreed upon, because there was no way I was going to have the Level 2 without M&B there to see it!

So all in all, a good appointment, with a little bit of stress thrown in. I also had to deal with my insurance company but it was minor and they were really nice and are going to get the issue taken care of. :)


Intending To Be Parents said...

Yay for a great appointment and that those 2 are doing great and you're doing great! Boo for those ancient ultrasounds - not as fun :) But awesome that you got to check on those heartbeats and see they were doing good. That's a shame that you had to deal with the stress of a re-schedule of the Level 2 but I'm happy to hear it all worked out in the end and it being your son's birthday will just have to bring some good luck to it all :)

Deana said...

Yea! good appointment. We just had one too and we felt the baby kick! it was amazing. Now it's time to get the pre-birth order done! (do they do those in your state?)