Monday, May 12, 2008

And away we go!

Well we are heading out in the morning! We will stay the night tomorrow night in Ohio with some relatives, then drive over to the DC area on Wednesday. We were originally going to fly but last minute plane tickets are INSANELY expensive and we like driving anyways. Plus it will be easier on the kids to not have to sit still and be quiet like they would have to do on a plane. We are renting a car with a DVD player for the trip so they should be fairly entertained!

Today is M's egg retrieval. I dont know if she had it already or not but I cant wait to hear the results! Hopefully they get lots of big juicy eggs and lots of them fertilize.

I've added PIO injections back into the mix as of last night. I dont know what it is...maybe because its pretty thick...but it sure makes me sore! The Delestrogen never bothers me but the PIO sure does. And I've got 12-13 weeks more of it! haha

Well I will update after the transfer. It's set for Thursday if we do a 3 day transfer, or Saturday if we end up doing a 5 day. I dont know what the criteria is for each type, but I know we all want whichever way that will maximize our chances for success.

My friends at the surrogacy agency are cheering me on this week. Its so wonderful to have so much support!

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Loree said...

ahh the PIO! It's the thick oil that causes your pain and eventually welts. I finally took my last one Friday! They get easier.