Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well I had my last pre-transfer appointments this morning! My uterine lining is a 9 with a triple striped lining (which is exactly what we needed!) and my bloodwork results just came in: Estradiol (E2) is at 1500 and my Progesterone (P4) is at 1.8. So I am ready to rock!

M's stimming seems to have gone even better and more quickly than was planned so we will probably be moving the transfer up. It was originally set for either May 17th or 19th, but now its looking like early next week! I will update when we all know for sure. I'm eagerly anticipating the phonecall from my nurse this afternoon. I'm going to have to bump our plane tickets up and change the car rental as well. How exciting that both of our bodies are ready to go RIGHT NOW!

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Deana said...

Congrats! sticky vibes your way. You can send them back next month! My GS will need them.