Monday, May 19, 2008

Updating from the road!

I was going to wait and update once we got home, but since I've got the laptop hooked up to Chris' phone and Loree requested an update, here it is! :)

The transfer was bumped to Sunday morning, making it a 6 day transfer. I had never heard of a 6 day before, but the nurse told me that they never go past 6 days so we didn't have to worry about being bumped again. That was good news considering we were leaving Sunday morning to drive back home!

M&B picked me up from the hotel at 7am and we headed to Rockville for the transfer. We ended up getting there pretty quickly since there was no traffic at all. I drank a bottle of water and before long my bladder was very full. We got to the clinic and signed in at 8am but ended up having to wait 30 minutes or so before we were called back. We must have looked very interesting to the other people in the waiting room because the nurse called "Jennifer and M" and we were of course followed by B. We all had a little giggle about that.

Once we were in the room and the doctor arrived, she talked to us about the remaining embryos and said she recommended that we transfer two. We were all in agreement about transferring 2 to begin with, so it was an easy decision! She threaded the catheter into my uterus, then called for the 2 best blastocysts from the lab. They brought them into the room in a tube and inserted it through the catheter. We watched on the ultrasound screen as she injected them into my uterus...we saw a little flash of light. It was a very neat experience! It was over as quick as it had begun and after a trip to the restroom we were ready to go. I hated to 'transfer and run' but Chris and the kids were there to pick me up so we could head home. We drove to Dayton, OH afterwards and I had my feet up on the dash the whole time. It was the best way I could do my 24 hours of bedrest. We are currently about 3 hours from home and just passed by Wisconsin Dells where all the waterparks are.

Physically I am feeling good. This morning I was very tired and slept for several hours in the car. I also felt some little pinchy feelings in my uterus area and I am hoping it was implantation! I have a little bit of breast tenderness but that could also be from the hormones in my injections. Its so funny how you analyze every little twinge when you're hoping to be pregnant. I did the same thing when I was trying to get pregnant with my own kids. I have read online that with a 6 day transfer the blasts implant very quickly, usually within 24 hours, and they start producing HCG quickly as well. I may be crazy but I will probably start testing on Wednesday since I know of someone who received a positive on the 3rd day after transfer. Or I may wait until Thursday or Friday to have a better chance of seeing a positive. Once I get a positive I will let M&B know first, of course, and let them tell their friends & family. I will wait to post it on here because I want them to be the ones to let everyone know. I probably wont wait too long to post on here because I know there are several people who read this who don't know M&B and will be anxiously awaiting the news. ;)

So there's the big update! If I have any more 'symptoms' I will be sure to post them. And maybe if the clinic emails M a picture of her babies I can share the photo on here (with any personal details cropped out, of course!)

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Loree said...

Thanks for the update!!! I'm thinking of all of you!