Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am so sick! I think I have a sinus infection or maybe just a really bad cold. My sinuses are clogged up so I have a sinus headache, my body aches, and I'm extremely tired. I wish I could sleep all day. And since I don't know my pregnancy status yet, I'm not taking any medicine. I'm not willing to chance it!

It all started on Tuesday with a sore throat. Ian has the sniffles and a stuffy nose too, and Quinn woke up today with a crusty gross nose. Chris seems to be the only one escaping it. At least the boys dont feel as miserable as I do...they are just going about their day normally while I camp out on the couch, dozing in and out.

It was horrible last night when we were watching the last episode of House. We had recorded it and watched it around 10 (well I watched it...Chris fell asleep!) and the last 20 minutes or so was just heartbreakingly sad. So I was bawling through it with clogged up sinuses...I was a big stuffy, runny mess.

Today is 4 days past our 6 day transfer. I took another test (I took one yesterday too) and it was negative. I know its still really early and everyone keeps telling me I shouldn't be testing yet. But it's so hard when I've got a ton of pregnancy tests laying around. I just want to keep going until I see that second pink line pop up! I *feel* pregnant, but I am also miserably sick too, so who knows. I'm staying positive though!

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