Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time stands still

Friday is an eternity away. I called Shady Grove and left a message for our nurse (yesterday) letting her know that I got some faint second lines on some tests, and if they want me to do an earlier beta I will. But she hasn't called me back yet. I'm not sure if she works Tuesdays or not. For some reason I have it in my brain that she doesn't. Hopefully I'm wrong and she calls me today.

Either way, I wont be updating until next week sometime. I am going to lay low for a bit and let M&B tell everyone themselves when we know for sure. And once its 'all clear' I will continue my blogging. I think I have more readers than I realize, and I know the word will spread quickly. So I will just 'disappear' from the blogosphere for a week or so. But if pregnancy is confirmed I know I'll have tons to write about. :)

So keep hoping, praying, thinking about us all.

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mommy me said...

I just wanted to say good luck tomorrow and many prayers for you and M&B.