Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hello from Annapolis!

We arrived, safe and sound, in Annapolis on Wednesday evening. The drive wasn't too bad. The boys were surprisingly very good throughout the whole trip. We rented a van with a DVD system so Ian watched a Tom & Jerry DVD over and over and over (not for lack of trying to get him to watch something else!), and Quinn just slept and sang and played with some toys.

We didn't transfer today. It got bumped to Saturday. So we're officially doing a 5 day transfer. M's egg retrieval yielded 22 eggs, of which 16 were mature and 10 fertilized. As of this morning all 10 were still going strong. Hopefully tomorrow's fert report will be great as well, so that even after we transfer 2 (and in 9 months deliver 1 or 2 healthy babies) there will be plenty left to freeze for the future. I'd hate for M to have to go through the stim & retrieval process again. It doesn't sound too pleasant!

We all went over to one of M&B's friends' house earlier today for a cookout and to socialize a bit. The boys had a great time with K's children (and hopefully weren't too destructive!) and we had a great time talking and getting to know M&B better. It was such a nice day was perfect for spending time outside. The boys crashed when we got back to the hotel, and Chris & I stayed up to watch our Thursday night line up. I cant believe Lost is on at 10pm on the East coast. I could barely keep my eyes open and Chris fell asleep halfway through it. :)

Tomorrow we shall tackle Chuck E Cheese in the morning, and then in the afternoon/evening sometime we will probably go to dinner with M&B and M's parents who are coming into town. I'm sure we'll do some sight seeing around lunchtime as well. I am dying for some GOOD seafood. You can't go to Maryland and not eat crab!

My next update will come after the transfer on Saturday! It's the moment we've all been waiting for!

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