Monday, August 25, 2008

Appointment is confirmed!

I called my doctor's office to make my appointment for Wednesday morning, and they wanted me to come in today so they could order my results STAT and get them back for me today. I wish! I told them that I have to come in on Wednesday, per Shady Grove's orders.

I know my doctor is very hopeful for us and a big healthy beta number! I think I am the only surrogacy they've had and it has been a learning experience for everyone up there. They have finally understood that I am 'special' when it comes to certain tests and ultrasounds. I think my lab nurse, my ultrasound tech, and my doctor are all very excited and hopeful of a positive outcome this time! I cant wait for them to meet M&B when they are able to come for the ultrasounds and stuff.

I am anxiously awaiting my results on Wednesday!!

1 comment:

Jenifer said...

Not too much longer now!!!

You really haven't POAS??? REALLY?

Are you sure you haven't and your just really good at keeping the results to yourself?????? You are a stronger woman than I....