Saturday, August 16, 2008

More details

Deana has requested more details so here's what I remember:

M had 14 eggies retrieved and I think 10 of them fertilized. By the time I made it out to Annapolis there were 8 still growing, and then by the day of transfer (3rd day) there were 6. The doctor said there were 2 embryos that were definitely growing faster and stronger than the others, so they transferred those two. I dont know if any made it to freeze...I just texted M to ask and will update once I know that information. I really hope they had some to freeze this time! That would make a sibling project much easier down the road. =)

I am feeling good. No 'signs' yet but today is only 3dp5dt. I haven't even been tempted to cheat and take a test...and yes I know it would be WAY too early to test right now anyways. ;) I'm just trying not to think about it so that I dont sit here and obsess about it. I'm just taking it easy.

I will update when I have more to tell. And hopefully its good news!


Loree said...

this is it guys! this is the time!

good luck!

Deana said...

Thanks Jen!!!!!!!! yes way to early to test. She didn't have any symtoms early on either. Not until after our Beta.

We tested 8dp 3dt and got a blazing "Pregnant" on the digi. not too far away for you!!!!!!!!