Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tomorrow is beta #2! My appointment is at 9am, and then we are all going to the MN state fair. So I wont be home until late tomorrow to update about my beta results. I will, however, call M&B once I get the call from my doctor. I can leave everyone but them hanging for a few hours. ;)

Most people who hear my first beta number think I'm carrying twins. It is entirely possible since we transferred two embryos! So we shall see in a couple weeks at the ultrasound! I wonder how high my beta will be tomorrow? It needs to be at least double my previous number. I can feel the additional hormones pumping through my body. My temper has been extremely short today. I yelled at Ian and felt so bad about it. He just wouldn't stop bugging me about his internet not working and I told him that I cant fix it and he has to ask Daddy about it. I feel so bad. =( I think going to the fair tomorrow will make up for it!

Currently craving: a rootbeer float. Alas, I have no rootbeer. :(

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