Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My beta is forever away!

Today is 7dp5dt or 12DPO. I am feeling good. Sore breasts, tired, bloated...but overall feeling good. I woke up sweating around 2am this morning and felt a little nauseated but quickly went back to sleep.

My beta isnt until Aug 27th which seems very far away. I wonder why they are making us wait a longer amount of time this time? I still have a full week until beta day! And by then hopefully I will have some big huge beta numbers.

Well thats it for my update. I feel pregnant, but I also felt pregnant last time and we all know what happened with that.

So, we wait.


jennmom2000 said...
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Jenifer said...

You have WAAAAAYYYYYY more patience than I do. I wuld have POAS at LEAST 5 times by now.