Friday, August 22, 2008


My nurse at Shady Grove never calls me back. She never called back when I asked to have my beta moved up and I left her a message earlier this morning telling her that I need refills on all my meds. I wonder if I will hear from her today since I REALLY NEED MY MEDS! And with the previous cycle she rarely called me back.

Please call me back! I dont like talking on the phone myself, but in a professional situation I think its imperative.

She actually used to answer her phone, and now she doesn't.

Please call me back. Or I will flood you with calls today.

EDIT: She called me back! She is calling in my refills of the meds I need, and she said they still need me to wait until the 27th for my beta, because they know what my level SHOULD be at that point so to move it up would throw it off. I still think this was way too long for a beta. Last time I didn't have to wait this long. But whatev. I just go with the flow. :)

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