Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gettin the itch!

I must say that I am proud of myself for not obsessing this time about whether or not I am pregnant. Today at church I started getting the itch to test since I have two pregnant friends there. My friend Molly was due a couple days ago and is rather large and uncomfortable, and my friend Noelle is 8 weeks pregnant and having terrible terrible morning sickness. She has already been hospitalized once from dehydration! So after being around preggies, I've been analyzing how I'm feeling. I cried through each prayer this morning. Not sobbing or anything, but teary eyes and sniffly nose. I never cry through prayers! We were praying for all kinds of things...for Molly and Noelle, our pastor when he goes on his ministry retreat, for our message today, for us to give God control over certain aspects of our life that we are struggling with, etc. So maybe some hormones are kicking in! Or maybe it was just a really good spiritual day for me. We will see!

I also devoured a burrito at Chipotle. But that's really nothing new. That burrito was totally awesome.

In other news, my backside is pretty bruised up from all the injections! Putting a needle through an area that's already bruised and swollen is no fun. But of course its all SO worth it. I used to actually be afraid of shots and needles, so I was very proud of myself when the time came for my very first injection and I stuck it in without fear or panicking. I've come a long way. Sticking a needle in my rear is like second nature now! ;)

No, I'm still not going to take a test unless M asks me to. :)

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Anonymous said...

Jen, know that I have everything crossed for you! I am thinking of you!

Susan (skanded)