Friday, March 6, 2009

32 weeks!

32 weeks and doing great!

I had my appointment a bit ago and everything went perfectly! Baby A is still head down and weighs 4lbs 3oz, and Baby B is breech and weighs 3lbs 14oz. They both got 10 out of 10 on their Biophysical profile and NST. They did so well that the tests went pretty quickly. I had a different ultrasound tech this time and she explained everything we were looking at and she even flipped to 3D to try to get a couple pictures. Unfortunately Baby A had umbilical cord in her face and Baby B is turned facing into Baby A, so she was unsuccessful. I hope I get her for my next ultrasound next week...she said she would try again to get some 3D pictures since M&B will be there with me! While I was on the monitor for the NST, I didnt have a single contraction. I have had very few this week, so when my doctor saw the monitor and heard that I havent had many, she said she would stay out of my cervix today! So I didnt have a cervix check and it seems I didnt have a reason to anyways. Everything is going wonderfully. I am still on limited activity, but she said I can do a bit more as long as I'm not contracting. Yippee!

No weight gain recently. I am still sitting at 31 pounds gained, which is very good. I have very little to no swelling, and my BP was 110/60 which is nice and normal for me. All in all, a GREAT visit! I go back next Friday at 1:30. I wont see my doctor though, I will see the one who saw me in the hospital. I like her too though.

Oh and I should mention that I just LOVE my doctor. She said even if Baby B stays breech, I can still have a vaginal delivery if Baby A is head down. She said she is pretty "old school" and has no problem attempting to deliver Baby B breech if all conditions are favorable. She said the thing to worry about is if Baby B tries to come down shoulder first, in which case I would end up with a c-section anyways, which is the worst scenario - a vaginal AND a c-section is quite an undertaking! But she said that doesnt happen very often, and they could try and turn Baby B around too. So it looks like I'm going to get my vaginal delivery! :)

Well here is the 32 week update for the girls!
  • Baby is up to 3.75 pounds now and is 16.7 inches (42.4cm) long.
  • You might notice she's not moving around as much now. Don't worry! She is fine -- just running short on room. She still has plenty of growing to do though, believe it or not!
  • All five senses are working. Your little one is fascinated and practicing testing these out as much as possible!
  • Toenails are completely formed even though she may not be quite ready for a French manicure.
  • Hair on your infant's head continues to grow in.
  • Brain scans have shown that babies have periods of dream sleep (REM) starting around the eight month.
And my fabulous belly!


Duck said...

Glad that all is well! Great belly pics, you look great!

Intending To Be Parents said...

Sounds like you and those little girls are doing fantastic! You look great! I'm so bummed that you didn't get any pics though because that's always so fun :( But they're getting big so quarters are cramped I'm sure and that would certainly make it hard to get some clear photos!
I'm glad you like your doctor too - that is very important!