Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another growth spurt?

I think we've got another growth spurt going on here...my groin is killing me! In a couple days it will be better, but goodness this is uncomfortable. I cant even fathom how my belly will get any bigger. It seems like its so huge already! When I sit down to use the restroom, I have to lean all the way back against the tank...LOL.

I think I read somewhere that once you start measuring 41+ weeks (which I am!) you start expanding to the sides moreso than out front. Either way, the human body is a wonderous thing with its ability to stretch way beyond its normal size! I mean, have you even seen the pictures of the Octomom when she was pregnant? Whenever I feel stretched to the limit and sore, I just think of how SHE must have felt being 30 weeks pregnant with 8 babies.

I am still doing great. I'm taking the Nifedipine around the clock, which makes me nervous because its primarily for chest pains, and it seems to be keeping the contractions away. Either that, or just the fact that I am relaxing more. I am looking forward to my appointment on Friday. I love the ultrasound part! The NST is kind of a pain just because Baby B likes to turn away from the monitor and the nurse has to keep coming back in to reposition it on my belly, and then we have to track movements and heartrate for a certain amount of time. Baby A stays in the same position but I think its just because she is head down and has nowhere else to go! And then there's the good old cervix check....hopefully there has been no more progress! I would be VERY surprised if there has been, considering I sit on my butt all day. I think we'll be just fine though.

Our PBO stuff is almost done. Chris and I had our copy signed and notarized, and the attorney's office will be picking it up tomorrow morning. It feels good to have this done so that once the babies are born, M&B's names will go straight on the birth certificate and all the other good stuff that goes along with it. Its another thing to check off the list!

Well I will update again on Friday after my appointment. I've stopped hoping for ultrasound pictures but if they surprise me with some, I will happily post them! :)

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Intending To Be Parents said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing good still - but sorry to hear about that discomfort from those babies getting bigger :( Glad you get another look via u/s on Friday - that is fun :) Hope they give you some pics this time! My fingers are crossed that there's been no change on the escape route :)