Wednesday, March 25, 2009

They're here!

So much for my poll! LOL! And if you voted after already knowing I was in labor then you cheated! ;)

My water broke around 5pm last night, while sitting on the toilet of all places! M&B picked me up while Chris took our boys to the sitter, and we got to the hospital around 6:30. They hooked me up and my contrax werent very strong or close enough together, so they gave me some pitocin to get it going. It started to hurt around 9:30 and I was dilated to 5-6cm. Got my epi and was feeling great by 10:30. The doctor checked me around 12:30am and said I was complete!

They moved me to the OR just in case I needed a c-section. The doctor got me all set up and had me push...little Presley Skye came out in one push at 12:47am. She then was able to turn Baby B from breech to vertex, which wasnt very pleasant feeling. Lyla Brooke was born after 3 pushes at 12:54am. Both girls came out screaming! They both weighed 4lbs 15 oz...Presley is 17.5" and Lyla is 18.5". Their Apgars were 9,9 and 8,9. The nurse was in disbelief that they were so incredibly healthy for being preemies. She said she would have given them perfect 10s but she never even gives 10s to full term babies.

So despite being born at 34w4d, they will likely be released from the special care nursery as soon as its determined that they can eat and their sucking reflex is working properly. No NICU time at all! I just pumped some colostrum and sent it upstairs for the girls and I will continue to pump as long as M&B want me to.

The doctor told us that this was the easiest twin birth she had ever been a part of! It just went so well and so quickly. It really was perfect! The nurses teared up a bit when they saw M&B's faces when they saw their daughters for the first time.

Oh, and what was really cool was that even though we were in the OR, they let all 3 of 'my people' stay in the room. So Chris was there playing photographer, and M&B got to be right there were the action was. It was truly an amazing experience.

They invited me up to see the girls this morning when they went in there and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. No wrinkly, swollen newborn look at all. Beautiful round heads full of dark hair, precious dainty features, the sweetest little lips.

If I am able to, I will post pictures later. Its totally up to M&B and their comfort level. I could possibly even post the pics and then take them down after a couple days or so.

This was the most awesome thing I have ever done. M&B are the greatest and have truly made this the perfect journey I had hoped for. I dont get very emotional, so I didn't cry during the birth or anything, but my heart was just so filled with love for these girls and pride in myself and my body for doing such a good job. I set out to help create a family and all I ever wanted was to carry a big strong healthy baby for someone...and I lucked out and got to carry two of them.

So this journey has come to an end, but in other ways it is just beginning. :)


Anonymous said...

Jen I am so excitied for you and the girls family. What an incredible feeling you must have inside from this. You truly are a blessing and I hope those girls will appreciate one day the tremendous gift you have given to them and their family. You have done an incredibly selfless thing that not too many people have the courage to do.


Intending To Be Parents said...

Congratulations to everyone!!! What wonderful news to hear that you and the girls are doing so good! I must say I guessed wrong on the poll - I chose 3/30-4/1 :) Sounds like things happened very quickly! I'm so glad that M&B were nearby! I'm crossing my fingers that you'll get to post a pic!! They sound just beautiful!
I'm sending you quick recovery thoughts!!
You just did something so incredibly amazing!!! M&B&P&L are so lucky to have you in their lives!!
P.S. This post created the need for tissues for me! I am someone who is touch-and-go with emotions (sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not) - but you got me good with this one :)

Jamie N. said...

I didn't even see the poll until after I found out you had the girls today. SO I thought it would be ridiculous the 'cheat' as you put it. ;)

Anyways, how beautiful! You brought tears to my eyes reading that!

I am very proud of you, too, Jen! :D

Ashley said...

I have chills! I am so glad everything went so well! And I am so excited for M&B. It was so great to be able to meet them on Sunday!
I will call you later--Chris said you are going home tomorrow. Maybe we can visit?

Anonymous said...

I am former neighbors of Brian and Melissa's and have read your blog. What a beautiful person you are to have given them the most precious of gifts. They are wonderful people and will be amazing parents.

God Bless you and your family,

Betsy Brubaker
Mt. Lebanon, PA

Anonymous said...

Yay! Ohh Jen I am so proud of you! You carried those little babies gracefully. You totally ROCK!! Loce you lots!


Anonymous said...

I meant LOVE lol! (((HUGE HUG)))