Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Funny coincidence?

The little animated babies over on the right side of my blog are spinning like crazy in their little bubble. And thats exactly what it feels like is happening in my uterus. LOL

Sometimes they move and wiggle SO much, and then other times I have to poke them to get them to budge. I wish they'd go nuts with movement when M&B are around. So far they have gotten to feel Baby B's head up at the top of my belly and feel her having hiccups. As I write this, Baby A actually has the hiccups. I cant feel hers as well as I can feel Baby B's since Baby A is down so low.

I have been eating a lot more lately. I think I will have another gain this week. Then again, I'm sure the boxes of Girl Scout cookies on top of the fridge arent helping anything. ;)

Also, I need a pedicure, desperately. My feet are all dry and my heels are cracked. My toenails are long and unpainted, since I cant reach them. I asked Chris to do it, but he quickly declined. I have a spa giftcard from some friends and I think I will try to get a pedi before I go into labor if my doctor says its ok. At least I will be sitting in a chair the whole time while they do my feet. They look so ugly right now. But at least they arent swollen! I'm glad its not flip-flop weather yet!

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Intending To Be Parents said...

Girl scout cookies can't be resisted. I have 1 last package on my desk that I have been saving and I am trying to practice some self-control but man it's hard!
Hope you get to have your toes prettied up soon! Where I live it's already flip-flop weather (most of the time) but I haven't been brave enough to break them out yet!